Markforged X3

Markforged X3 forms part of the Markforged X Series,  the Industrial Composite 3D Printer Series. The Markforged X3 is available with a Markforged Customer Support Plan.

The Markforged X Series are large format industrial 3D printers designed for producing high-strength parts. With a large build volume of 330mm x 270mm x 200mm, the X Series offers exceptionable capabilities for printing jigs & fixtures, components, prototypes, robotics, custom-fit parts and even end-use, functional parts.

The X series consist of 3 variants:



X7 (formerly known as Mark X)

The Markforged X3 prints high quality parts in Onyx. Onyx is a Nylon embedded with micro carbon-fibres, producing parts with excellent stiffness, high temperature resistance and a matt-black finish.  The industrial 3D printer has a default Z-layer resolution of 100 microns, with the ability to print at 50 microns, producing an excellent quality print. The X3 can also print in Onyx FR, a self-extinguishing, flame retardant material. 

Users can also designate a specific layer at which the Markforged X3 can pause, ideal for embedding components or sensors during the print process. The X Series comes with advanced print software Eiger.

Markforged X3 Technical Specification
Print technology

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)





  • Onyx (Nylon blend with micro carbon-fibres)
  • Onyx FR (Flame Retardant)

Markforged X3 dimensions

584mm (w) x 483mm (d) x 914mm (h)

23” (w) x 19” (d) x 36″ (h)

Max build volume

330mm (w) x 270mm (d) x 200mm (h)

13.0” (w) x 10.6” (l) x 7.9” (h)


Z axis print resolution

100 microns default

50 microns minimum

Print bed   Kinematic coupling. Flat to within 80 microns
Laser Bed Levelling, Active Print Calibration
Power100-240v AC, 150W (2A peak)
Material properties

UTS: 36 MPa (1.2x ABS)

Flex Stiffness: 2.9 GPa (1.4x ABS)

InfillClosed cell infill: multiple geometries available
Supplied software

Markforged Eiger

  • Cloud Storage, Local Storage
  • Software is cloud based, requires Internet for use via Google Chrome browser

Fully On-Premise is available (additional fee)

Software securityTwo Factor Authorisation, Organisation Admin Access, Single Sign On
Printer connectivityWi-Fi, Ethernet, USB Stick
Design file inputSTL

     Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.

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