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The Markforged Onyx Pro is a specialist Onyx (Nylon) 3D printer with the additional option of adding reinforcing fibres in Fibreglass to produce stiff, strong parts, components and prototypes in engineering and manufacturing applications. 

Onyx is a Nylon embedded with micro carbon-fibres, producing parts with a greater stiffness and higher temperature resistance as well as a smart matte black finish. Onyx has a strength up to twice as strong as ABS and is temperature resistant up to 145°C.

The Onyx Pro prints in Onyx and can add Fibreglass as a reinforcing fibre.

The Onyx Pro has been professionally engineered using high quality components. It has good connectivity via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB stick and uses advanced cloud based print software Eiger. With the Markforged Onyx Series of printers, you can also pause the print to embed components or sensors into the part during the printing process.

Markforged Onyx Pro Technical Specifications

Model Markforged Onyx Pro
Print technology Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Continuous Fibre Fabrication (CFF)
Extruder(s) 2
Material(s) Onyx (Nylon embedded with micro carbon fibres) Fibreglass
Onyx Pro dimensions   575mm (w) x 322mm (d) x 360mm (h) 22.6” (w) x 12.7” (d) x 14.2″ (h)
Max build size 320mm (w) x 132mm (d) x 154mm (h) 12.6” (w) x 5.2” (l) x 6.1” (h)
Z axis print resolution 100 microns
Max power consumption 150 Watts
Draft blocking enclosure Yes
Support structures Break away support structures with pliers or cutters
Design file input format STL
Print software Markforged Eiger

  • Cloud Storage, Local Storage

  • Software is cloud based, requires Internet for use via Google Chrome browser
Fully On-Premise is available (additional fee)
Software compatibility Mac OS 10.7 Lion + Windows 7 + Linux
  Please note the Technical Specifications are provided by the Manufacturer and may be subject to change.
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