Optimized for a wide range of materials

Photocentric have produced a range of high precision resin based 3D printers that use an LCD display rather than a laser or projection to cure the resin. Photocentric have been able to make this work by developing the worlds most sensitive daylight resins.

We are  a specialist chemical manufacture of a wide of  photopolymers that can harden in light from right across the spectrum. We are patent holders in visible light curing technologies and have a core business base on being innovation in photopolymer. We have commercialised the first 3D printer base on LCD screen and manufacture the Liquid Crystal range of 3D printer.

LC Dental

Ultra-Fast and Accurate Printing. One of the world first monochrome LCD printers design specific for dentisty.

265,000 Baht
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LC Precision 1.5

Precision 1.5 is a standalone unit ideal for detailed prints, in particular jewellery dentistry and figurines.

95,000 Baht

LC Pro

The Liquid Crystal Pro is a high-resolution large format printer ideal for very large 3D printing...

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LC Magna

Delivers the ideal combination of a large build volume with accurate printing making it the right tool for custom mass manufacture.

645,000 Baht

LC Maximus

Enabling Custom Mass Manufacture and Large Component Printing. The largest format LCD printer currently available that feature 4K 43" LCD screen

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